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The notebook where you can write, erase, write, erase. Now you can write infinite.

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  • A whiteboard on your backpack.

    The infiniteBook is a whiteboard notebook. It offers you the same writing experience of a whiteboard, you can write, erase and write again on 15 reusable and malleable pages. Now your notebook is infinite.

  • "A 17 year old entrepreneur, a crowdfunding and a innovative product. That’s how a new business was born."

    in Exame magazine

    The infiniteBook was born because of a problem stated by the founder, Pedro Lopes, when he was only 17 year old, while studying. He never liked studying using a pencil, it’s not smooth when you write. The pen was also not the best solution once its ink is permanent. The whiteboard have a awesome writing experience but is stuck on the wall. Why not make that board portable? Thus was born the infiniteBook.

  • More than a product, a vision.

    "I started this company with a vision. I believe that we only learn making mistakes and we only make mistakes that we know that afterwards can fix. That was always the idea of the product, the possibility of write and erase forever. From here, the possibilities are limitless." Pedro Lopes, founder and CEO.


Writing Experience

The infiniteBook offers the excellent writing experience of a whiteboard. The marker glides on the paper and we can easily erase all the text.


Save the Planet

With the infiniteBook you are also saving the Planet. Those pages filled with sketches, notes, and mistakes that would go directly to the garbage can, don't exist anymore.


It is infinite

The infiniteBook pages are all reusable. This is the last notebook you’ll ever need.

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Who are our users?

The infiniteBook is for students, designers, engineers, to help on brainstormings, 1:1 meetings. The infiniteBook is basically for everyone that uses a notebook, everyone that enjoy innovation and innovate.

"I am using the notebook to make sketches of ideas and accounts that have to do as part of my work. I find it quite useful, the book itself is of great quality and I love it. Congratulations for the idea. The simplest ideas are the best." - Student/Researcher

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Do you have a company? Custommize!

Today, the differentiating factor is very important in the business world so in infiniteBook, we give the possibility to the customer customize the notebook, making it unique. This is the ideal product for a company not only save paper and money, but also to be remembered as a modern company that supports innovative ideas. We guarantee that if you offer a customized infiniteBook to a customer or supplier, they will never forget you. The difference between gifts going to the garbage can or to the desk is in the originality and usefulness, with infiniteBook both criteria are guaranteed.

Get a quote. (Minimum order quantity - 50): hello@infinitebook.pt

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